Payroll Management

At HLB Z.O. Ososanya & Co., our Payroll Support Services Practice is dedicated to providing support to various organizations in the area of payroll and benefits management. The practice has a bespoke Payroll Management System that ensures a seamless and accurate delivery of payroll reports and related documents and it is also a flexible solution which can be scaled up or down to suit a client’s changing business needs.

HLB Z.O. Ososanya & Co.’s payroll services would help you save time and money and streamline payroll processes to attain greater payroll accuracy across the board. We have been providing payroll services to numerous clients over the years and our client base includes some of the leading multinational companies.

Our key service offerings are presented below: Payroll Management; Annual Payroll Reconciliation; Filing of Employee & Employer Annual Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Tax Returns; Filing of Social Security Returns; Processing Employees’ Tax Clearance Certificates; Registration of Companies for PAYE and Social Security Purposes; Tax Audit Services & Social Security Verification Support; Personal Income Tax Training Services; Employee Compensation Structuring/Restructuring for Tax Efficiency and Payslips to employees’ e-mails.

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